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An easier way to buy domain names (and hosting and…)

Here at Cloud Genius we are always trying to make things easier for our customers, clients, friends, selves to buy domain names.

A number of our folk were having difficulty remembering where to buy domain names (and other web stuff) at the best price, so we have purchased a new domain to make things easier.

Old location: webhost.cloud-genius.com

New location: cloudgenius.domains

It’s easier, shorter and there is only one dot.

Tell us what you think? Better? No change? Worse? or constructive comments. We want to know 🙂

Forgot to say, we have now changed the default currency to pounds sterling (GBP). You may have to change the currency (top right) one last time. You should also be billed in GBP now, too.


Event Bridge is Live. Marketing is now easier.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

John Wanamaker

Event Bridge
Imagine if you were not wasting that money. Imagine your marketing is as tight and effective as possible.

Lots of marketing is done through events, meetings, presentations and so on. Events where it would be great to know who was in attendance, whether you had ‘touched’ them before and how you converted them to buy your product (and then evangelise it).

Eventbrite is fantastic for this – if you offer your events for free, then Eventbrite takes no money… but advertises your event, promotes it, handles ticketing and attendance. It is amazing!

Eventbrite has tools for analysing individual events, but you are serious about your marketing. You want to analyse ALL your data.

Event Bridge brings all of your data from Eventbrite into Salesforce CRM (the leading CRM package in the world).
You can then analyse it all. Find out which event converted whom, which events gave biggest ‘bang for the buck’. You can tune your marketing sinews to Olympic standards.

The graphic that tells the story. Click here for more information.

Safe and Secure Websites

Most computer users know that updates are important. Security updates make sure that you are safe on the web.

They tend not to think about their websites. Their websites are run by software, just like their computers. Security flaws are found in that software, just like on their computers.

Here is the big difference:

A website is connected to the internet 24×7.

To save you time and effort, Cloud Genius can update all the software on your WordPress site AND back it up daily.

Contact us at info@cloud-genius.com and one of our friendly engineers will make sure that your website is Safe and Secure. (The unfriendly ones are all on holiday.)

… or you could do it yourself!

Salesforce – does more for your business… here’s how

First – respect to Salesforce for their #AppAcademy training. I attended a 2 hour #ISVpartner session this week – absolutely brilliant. Their motto: Your success is our success.

I was talking with a prospective client this week and they came to me wanting to use Salesforce to manage their contacts. They then had a spidery diagram connecting to several different other services: Dropbox, a project manager and several others.

This was a true consultancy moment – you don’t need Dropbox – your storage needs are under 10GB – use Salesforce Files. This fabulous new service works like Dropbox (so, you can sync files between your computers) but it loads them up to your Salesforce Org, where you can link them to Accounts, Contacts or any other Salesforce object.

After a client signs up, I need them to do this then this… 35 steps, so I need a project manager app. So, I pointed them in the direction of Workflows in Salesforce. Their procedures did not change much – having everything in Salesforce saved them time and money.

I also need calendars… Salesforce has calendars… if necessary, you can use the Appirio Cloud Sync (at little money) to sync between Google calendars and Salesforce calendars. It is so good that I use it myself 🙂

Finally, they needed to collect information about their clients in a form and they wanted to do it online. Well they could have used Survey Monkey and dragged the information in… but they don’t change the forms much, so they will get a new Forms object (custom), which they will be able to fill in using Salesforce1… giving them a wonderful, slick interface.

… Oh, and they wanted Salesforce to drag information out of Xero, their accounts package. There is a lovely AppExchange product called #Breadwinner for that. Whereas other products get your information from Salesforce into Xero, this flows against the tide and gets it from Xero to Salesforce. Awesome!

They thought they needed 4 cloud apps, but Salesforce covered all their needs.