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Lightning Strikes Salesforce! …and Quick Books Salesforce Integration

Salesforce has finally revealed its Lightning interface to the general population.

This is a massive upgrade to its usability. All the items that you need are on screen at the same time. It is a bit like moving from a complicated-looking remote control to a simpler-looking, but far more powerful smart phone.original-iphone-285637

The new interface still has a lot of limitations, in that it cannot deal with Custom Objects, but that is very close on the Salesforce road map. The Lightning interface presents a lot of information, very simply so that you can see the details of, for example, an opportunity and have a little road map to the right showing how it has progressed. Well done, Salesforce! (For those who like their change ‘gradual’, you can switch between the old and new interfaces and there are no plans to turn off the old interface.)

Salesforce is well-known for sticking to what it does well. Although it deals with Opportunities and Quotes and Products and Price books, it has not strayed into the accounting sector. It leaves that for experts like Xero and Quicken, so it is often frustrating not to have details to hand within Salesforce… Well, last year we let you know about Breadwinner’s amazing 2-way sync between Xero and Salesforce. Now we can let you know that they have performed the same magic for Salesforce and Quick Books Online. Look out for Quick Books Salesforce integration.

Whereas other products get your information from Salesforce into Xero, this flows against the tide and gets it from Xero to Salesforce. Awesome! And they also integrate QuickBooks Online with Salesforce too.

You heard it here first, or even if you didn’t, it is still worth checking out!

1 Amazing Opportunity (for the right person)

At Cloud Genius we try to do things right. We want to pass that way of doing things on. Now, thanks to the support of the Welsh Government, we can!

We have been approved as an employer/trainer as part of the Jobs Growth Wales scheme. This offers a job/training to people living in Wales who are unemployed and aged 16 to 24.

The work offer is to learn about our way of building websites – everything from the initial specification through building and sign-off to support and long-term relationship with our clients. It starts as a six month post and has the potential to build to a career.

I am excited as I see a huge potential for cloud-based technologies in Wales, particularly with the roll-out of super-fast broadband. This is a step along the way to realising this dream.

If you are (or know a person who is) interested, here is the link to the post… hurry it closes in just a few days.


All applications MUST be made through this link.

Good luck!