Salesforce Consultancy for Charity and Small Business

Integration Projects

Need to regularly pass data between systems?

It’s in the Calendar now!

We are running a monthly Lunch and Learn. Third Thursday of the month, 12pm to 12.45pm. Free of charge. Over the months we expect to cover many aspects of Salesforce and how it works with charities. If you would like to join this journey, just register below. To get in for FREE, enter the Promo Code SALESFORCE. It just stops ‘bots from registering.


Perhaps you have a quick query that could be resolved if you knew where to look?
The HELP button gives access to many free articles in our knowledge base.

If you are a customer, you can use the HELP button to raise cases and track their progress. (No extra logins, as you authenticate automatically with your own Salesforce instance.)

Why Choose Cloud Genius?

We work with you to make your business better. 

This starts with a comprehensive investigation of needs. Only then will we propose a solution.

Although we are small, we have capabilities beyond our size. This is witnessed by the number of charities we have helped. It is also shown in our amazing Event Bridge service that exceeds the capabilities of any other Eventbrite to Salesforce integration.

We bring our experience of Salesforce to bear on our website projects, integrating the data that people give to you from your website into your CRM system, automated emailing system or sales funnel.

Our passion is to find the most cost effective solution for you.



You could go to an agency in swanky London offices.

We are based in Wales, but through our remote support technology we have a global reach.

You only pay for our expertise and services… not fine offices.

As recent events have shown us… remote meetings save you time, so our location is not important. (Still waiting for a moon base.) 


Our Ethos

We believe that we all have a stake in looking after our world.

Where possible, our offices are powered by renewable energy.

We go out of our way to work with charities… because we want the world to be a better place.

We work in an area of high graduate unemployment – we train people with 21st century skills and give them jobs.

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