Salesforce - Real power for your business

We are here to help you set up Salesforce, train and support you.


Salesforce comes with awesome power, but is simple to use.

We help you every step of the way:

  • Working out how best to use it
  • Configuring Salesforce to your needs
  • Training your users
  • Supporting you as you use it
  • We even hide the parts you don’t use to keep everything as simple as possible.

Power does not have to be Complex

Small Business

We put our knowledge and experience of small business processes to excellent use in helping firms to make themselves more efficient. Whether this is in:

  • Tracking sales
  • Organising marketing campaigns
  • Tracking who has paid
  • Keeping up to date on your calls
  • Knowing your customer better

We have tried and trusted solutions.

Cloud Genius are recognised as Salesforce partners.

We are also partnered with select third-parties to bring:

  • Xero/Quickbooks integration with Salesforce (Breadwinner)
  • Great project management (Aprika – Mission Control)
  • Data collection/data processing (Form Assembly)
  • Email/contact/calendaring synchronisation (Microsoft Office 365)

We rely on these products ourselves, so know how great they are.

Call to find out how we can help you.

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Whether you are trying to:

  • Track donations and membership
  • Assign volunteers to clients
  • Manage meetings between therapist and client
  • Organise campaign to reach out to your donors
  • Recruit volunteers and helpers

There are real advantages to using Salesforce:

  • Salesforce is being continually developed and has a huge budget (from the subscriptions of commercial customers).
  • You are never left with software that is 10 years, with the problems of usability and security.
  • Through the Salesforce ‘Power of Us’ programme, charities can applications that are specifically written for charities and get amazing discounts on Salesforce.
  • Your version of Salesforce will be Enterprise – you are first-class citizens in the Salesforce world.

If you are using a different system at the moment, we can offer services ranging from simple imports (of Excel spreadsheets) through to major data transformations from other packages. We can configure your Salesforce to your needs.

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