Disaster (sort of)

Written by John Dray (CEO)

10th March 2013

I am excited to be writing to you from Wales. It is not that that makes a significant difference to my work, but I am now surrounded by beautiful countryside rather than urban sprawl.

Part of the move involved my laptop going missing. You know… the one that contained everything of importance to my business.

My first concern would have been my clients’ data. Fortunately I have my hard disk encrypted. Recovery without the correct credentials is impossible.

Then there was getting back to work. Fortunately, everything is backed up through the day. I was able to use a desktop PC and restore everything overnight. In the mean time, the things I was working on were backed up to the cloud, so were available in a few minutes.

Everything that I have on Salesforce is available with just a web browser and is stored in the cloud. Nothing lost there then!

Finally, my internet landline was not due to arrive for a couple of weeks! Fortunately, Virgin had given me a very good deal on 3G unlimited broadband. As long as the dongle was near the window it all worked. With all the furniture still to be unpacked I was running the company and developing Salesforce installations and websites from a table that was two foot square (60cm x 60 cm).

I recommend using cloud solutions for all the reasons outlined above. I was able to experience the true benefits myself. (As well as the reassurance of good backups!)

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