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Professional Email – why bother?

I am sure you have see vans driving around. They are all beautifully branded. Then you look at the email address and see that it is a Yahoo, or Google or and address belonging to their telecom provider. Suddenly, it does not look so professional. The thought goes through your mind, ‘Am I dealing with a fly-by-night company?’

So, why have professional email?

1. It’s necessary. Doing business nowadays (online or not) requires email — whether it’s for customer correspondence, receiving invoices from distributors, or sending a quick memo to employees.

2. It’s professional. Having a custom email address that includes the domain name is much more professional that using a free email service. It tells people that the business is legitimate, not amateur.

3. It reinforces branding. Associating a business with something free, like ThisIsMyBusiness@Yahoo.com, shares half of the branding with another company. Surely, your customers don’t want to advertise for Yahoo!’s email service every time they send an email message. Also, people are much more likely to remember a business’s name if it’s in the email address.

4. It’s flexible. Your customers can create the email addresses they need. For example, if your customer’s site is CoolExample.com, then he or she can create email addresses like Info@CoolExample.com and Sales@CoolExample.com.

Best of all, we have professional email solutions starting from pence per month! Have a look at Cloud Genius Web Hosting. If you have any problems, we can help you set it up. We are the experts! 🙂