Moving your Salesforce Org – Covered (with ETL)!

Written by John Dray (CEO)

21st August 2014

Moving your information from one Salesforce Org to another is not a common event, but when it is needed, it is vital to the working of your company.

It is a bit like moving home and just as terrifying. (You cannot fully understand this until you have had your removal company playing ‘catch’ with your valuable items.)

Recently, Cloud Genius had to move a lot of data, stored in various Salesforce Orgs and other places and amalgamate it into our own copy of Salesforce. Fortunately, JD has a lot of experience with ETL – Extract Transform Load. Within a day, all our data was correctly marshalled into the new Org. Contacts linked up with the corrects Accounts, with the correct Opportunities, with the correct Campaigns, etc.

From that point it was back to business as usual (but with better data).

So, we have all the framework set up. If you ever need this done, call us!


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