The Benefit of Open Source – Security

Written by John Dray (CEO)

21st April 2015

This week we have seen one of the biggest benefits of Open Source – security. Stick with me there is a BIG benefit for you. (Open Source means that the code the programs are written in is available for everyone to see.)

Joost de Valk, who writes many plug-ins for WordPress, became aware of a security flaw in some of his plug-ins. WordPress and its plug-ins are also open source, so he checked other plug-ins and found that they had the same vulnerability. He was able to work with those plug-in writers to fix the flaw. If they were all using Closed Source this would not be possible. This affects some of the big-name plug-ins such as Gravity Forms, Jetpack… See the article at

The benefit for you is two-fold:

1) By updating the plug-ins in WordPress you will fix this vulnerability.

2) If you are signed up for our Safe and Secure Websites package we will do it for you! (And check that everything works for you, and back-up your site beforehand and every day.)

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