Salesforce Charities… and so much more

Written by John Dray (CEO)

8th October 2016

Why is Salesforce Charities such a good fit? We are in the process of bringing on some more charities and non profit organisations.

For a start, as a charity you not only get Salesforce, but Salesforce provide lots of customisations that help you carry out your work as a charity. So, you need to track donations… sorted. You want to look at ‘soft donations’ where you take into account the giving of a household, rather than an individual… it’s there. Along with memberships, customisations to help you keep track of people rather than the need of businesses, where they tend to keep track of other businesses.

Of course, you have the massive backing of This gives you 10 licences for Salesforce (at the Enterprise level) to use in perpetuity for free. The Non Profit Starter Pack, the customisations that help you track households, memberships and so-on. All free. All you need to do is get the system set-up and configured for your own staff. (That’s where we come in – we will listen to your needs, configure the system, train users in its use and support you in your Salesforce journey.)

One of our clients is using their website to take appointment bookings for refugees in order to gift them bikes. The charity sends the appointment to the refugee by email or text. All this is automated, tracked and managed in Salesforce. We set up that customisation.

We have also taken on a new member of staff, Aaron Williams.

We are registering for VAT, supporting the new Salesforce in Wales user group.

How do we manage to do so much? We have Salesforce managing everything from initial contact, through opportunities, via project management, through to support and billing… leaving us to do the things we enjoy!

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