4 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Blog this Month

Written by John Dray (CEO)

3rd January 2017

Does this picture of a pair of shoes hanging on a telephone cable mean anything to you?

To some cultures, shoes are thrown over power lines to commemorate the end of a school year.

What do you think it means when your blog isn’t updated for long periods of time?

So here, in ascending order are 4 reasons why you should keep your blog up-to-date.

Let people know that you’re still alive

How many times have you gone to a website of a company that provides a service that you’re interested in, only to find that their blog hasn’t been updated for eight months. What does that tell you about the company? Are they still in business? Do they keep in touch with their customer base?

Making sure that your blog is updated regularly is a really good way of showing potential customers that you’re still around.

Keep everyone up to date

A blog is a great way to keep your clients and potential customers updated on anything that happens with the site or with the business in general, such as if the site is going to be down for refurbishment or, if your organisation is moving. If your website sells products or a service, updating your blog can also be a great way of letting everyone know about any deals, new stock or limited time offers.

The ideal place for sharing tips

Sometimes, you might hit a dry spell where nothing new will happen with your website or your business. Maintaining a blog while there’s nothing interesting going on can be extremely difficult, but the great thing about a blog is that you can put anything on there as long as it has something to do with what your business does.

Many companies that have a blog use it as a way of sharing helpful hints and tips and any news that they may find interesting and is worth sharing, (a bit like this one actually).

Most importantly… it improves your ranking on Google FOR FREE!!!!

Every time you update your website with a blog article it should (if set up properly) nudge Google and say, ‘I’ve just been updated’. Google loves relevant, up-to-date content. A quick blog here and there can do the equivalent of spending £1000’s on Google Adwords. Save yourself money AND get top ranking.

Make this your New Year’s Resolution and make sure that your blog stays up to date!

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