£100 for a ponytail – that’s a lot

Written by John Dray (CEO)

16th September 2021

£100 for a ponytail?

That seems a lot and begs the question… to get one or to get rid of one?

Well, it turns out that my friends were of a divided opinion. I had offered my COVID ponytail as a way of raising money for Winston’s Wish. (If you still need to give, bit.ly/JDfirewalk)

Some refused to give because they love the ponytail.

However, one anonymous donor saw the giving hovering just above £300. They knew that the ponytail would go at £400. 

So they donated £100.

The sad news is that the ponytail will be going in the week after the firewall.

Despite the anonymity of the donation, the hero could not contain himself, so I know who it was. #

I say ‘sad’, because not going to the barber’s has been a joy. On the other hand, as another friend said, ‘sorry about that John, but let’s be honest – we’ve done you a favour there’

So, as part of the intrepid firewalk I will be saying farewell to my ponytail.

If you were one of my friends who wanted to see me keep my ponytail… that milestone has been passed. I just ask that you give anyway 😉 bit.ly/JDfirewalk

If you are not my friend, but would like to give help to grieving children, you still know what to do. Be a hero(ine)!

#TeamWinston #WinstonsWish

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