My enthusiasm is for working in the small business and charity sector. With the charities I enjoy working for small charities that are trying to make a difference. With the small businesses, I like to encourage new, small companies as I feel that I can give them a boost getting set-up with an internet presence.

I have been working in IT for three decades – so I have a long pedigree – overcoming obstacles that thwart the newer, less experienced engineers 😉 UNIX/Linux/Mac OS X/Windows have all featured strongly in my career.

The beauty of cloud technologies is that I can do a lot of my work without travelling. Wherever your needs are, I will be there to help you.

In the local community, I put in time with the Happiness and Wellbeing programme that is provided through the Voluntary Care Centre. The programme works with people who have mild to moderate mental illness, encouraging techniques that improve happiness and wellbeing. They also do lots of other things (befriending, shopping, driving, drop-in centres, etc).

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