If you have ever thought of having a website for your company or organisation you have probably thought ‘Where do I start?’

Where do I start?

This section is here to get your creative juices flowing.

If you want a blog, or a traditional website, or a sales site, or a membership site then you will find some examples here.

We can then take the theme of the site where your imagination wills.

For instance, supposing you run a bed and breakfast or a website requiring the online booking of resources. Look at this beautiful site:
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The menus and other pictures can be easily customised with images of your property. Rather than flicking to the next website, your customers will be able to make bookings on the website. Great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that your customers will find your site.


Perhaps you run a group that wants its own discussion site – away from prying eyes. Such a site would suit a professional body – a place for fellow professions to get to know each other and share ideas and good practice.

Local Area Information

[ss_screenshot width=’300′ site=’’ align=’p’ ]Take this further and you could have a site that contains lots of local information contributed by local people. Obviously, a site that allows the public to contribute requires some sort of moderation. Cloud Genius can have you set up with a Simple Machines Forum in short order. If you want different membership levels, we can accommodate that too. Perhaps you want different subscriptions. How about having the member choose the length and access level, the site then charges their PayPal account when the membership needs topping up? All secure and safe.

Paid Web Content

Suppose you want to distribute documents or digital media from your site? You want the client to pay for it. You also want to ensure that they can only download it from their own IP address. We can do that and more with our e-Commerce solutions.

We can lead you gently every step of the way from concept through design and content to training on how to maintain your new website.More InformationRequest more information

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