Happy Christmas… a time for rest?

Wishing everyone a joyous time of year, whether that is Channukah, Christmas, Diwali, Yule or whatever is special to you and those whom you love.

You have probably taken the time to put your feet up… but will your customers?

Many people will be bored on Christmas and start playing with their iPads, iPhones or the old desktop computer lurking in the corner. In other words, just because you have a holiday doesn’t mean that your customers and potential customers do. So make sure they have something to do!

What better than to have them spending money on your Ecommerce website – even better if they are using gift tokens that a friend or relative has bought for them. They can find out if Apple Pay or Google Pay really works on their new devices.

So, happy festivals, may you have lots of rest and a prosperous new year. (While your website works for you in the background.)

All the best,




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