Compliance matters

How do you know if your messaging solution is fit for the 21st century and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)? If for no other reason than the potential fines, compliance matters.

Historically, email systems just did email and that was good enough. With the new regulations there is significant onus on the owners and processors of data to ensure that it is only used properly and that it is not leaked. Traditional email systems, such as those based around web servers, typically do not cut the mustard. They send out emails with no guarantee that they came from a legitimate sender and can be read by anyone. Perfect for scammers and data leaks.

For information about how Microsoft is hardening its email solutions, check out this link: on message encryption. A way to ensure that those who are supposed to read your emails can, and those who shouldn’t can’t!

Of course, within any system the weakest link in security is the users. Here is a link to our GDPR master class In the master class you will find out about many of the requirements of the GDPR and how they will affect your organisation.

Finally, as a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we are able to offer Office 365 solutions to help keep you protected now and in the future.

Will your emails be delivered? and all that SPAM!

Spam canOne of the internet’s terrifying statistics is that in 2014 72% of emails were spam. (Source

In other words, nearly three quarters of emails sent were rubbish.

In 2016, it is down to about 55%, but it is still too high.


Big email providers, such as Google and Microsoft have been working hard to reduce this still further. To this end, they have been introducing several standards (SPF, DKIM & DMARC). 

Some of them have been widely implemented for a number of year (e.g. SPF)

But with the coming of DMARC, you may find that your emails do not get to their intended recipients.

You need to be using an email provider that supports these modern standards. That is why we recommend Office 365. It supports all these standards and will continue to work into the foreseeable future.

Many low cost solutions may fail.

You will not be aware that your emails are not getting through until you phone the recipients.

If you need more information, contact us!

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