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Getting the Image Right

Within charities, one of the big challenges is running the organisation. Everyone will tell you that all of the donations you receive should be spent on your charitable aims. To spend money on advertising, image and good old administration is almost seen as a betrayal of charitable aims. Yet without an efficient ‘back room’ it is likely that the money spent on the charitable aims is not as effective as it could be. Worse, with proper administration more money could be brought in to pursue the aims.

One such area of contention is ‘web presence’, which is a posh name for a good website. Using traditional methods it is easy to spend £10,000 on a relatively modest site. At the end you are left with something inflexible, difficult to maintain and a huge drain on the budget!

Supposing there was a way to set up the website so that:

  • it was easy to update
  • looked after the formatting, so your ‘corporate image’ was maintained
  • cost less than £100 per year to host

That is where WordPress comes in. Originally designed to host ‘blogs’, it is now a great way to manage your website, host blogs, showcase your work, link it all up to Facebook and Twitter. It is possible to set this up yourself, but at Cloud Genius we could have it set up in less than one day of labour. We can source low-cost, reliable hosting. We can even purchase the domain name (ours is cloud-genius.com) for you. All at really low prices.

How do you know it is good? It’s what we use!


Understanding Charities

Many service providers have difficulty understanding the pressures that charities are under. Their finance may not be a constant stream, spending on administration has to be kept low, timescales may not be as important as getting the work done when the cash is available. Charities are often dependent upon volunteers. This can bring its own challenges to user adoption. (‘I don’t like it, so I’m not going to continue giving my time free.’) Large fundraising efforts tend to be for capital projects, rather than revenue. For this reason, solutions that fit the charitable sector are often high start-up cost/low running costs – the direct opposite of many projects supplied to companies. It is vital for charities to find suppliers that can work with them and their unique challenges.

At Cloud Genius we understand these issues – we have worked with them for many years. That expertise is available for you. Not only do we have a staff that understands the issues, but we also have novel solutions and extremely competitive rates.