The Why and What of Salesforce (Charity Version)

Written by John Dray (CEO)

1st November 2012

Most charities need some way of keeping track of their donors and their volunteers.

Salesforce is a database that allows all of that.

Here is a video summary:

Charities have many other needs, too.

How about setting up a website advertising for new volunteers?

You can easily set up a webpage, using Salesforce, that will allow you to accept that information straight into your Salesforce database. It will take about three minutes and require no programming. If you require it to fit in with your website’s theme, you may need to pass it by your web designer to smarten it up. (That should take them five minutes.)

Supposing you want to be notified every time a new person applies through that website and set a task to remind you to check up on the applicant within a set time?

Salesforce workflows make that a snap.

Perhaps you need to keep track of all your volunteers’ CRB (criminal records bureau) checks or their driving licences or some other check?

How about a report that automatically arrives in your inbox every month telling you of the checks that are due to expire in the following month? Very easy to set up. Once set up you can forget it.

You run courses and you need to keep track of delegates, facilitators and the people who referred your delegates… who attended which course. You want to associate the feedback from the courses with the relevant facilitators. With Salesforce that is all really easy to set up.

This is all done without any servers in your office. All you need are PCs (Windows, Macs or Linux will all work) with one of the common browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome) and an internet connection.

Training is simple, too. For your users it presents as a simple website.


The entire system is upgraded and improved three times a year, free of charge. (Each upgrade takes up to five minutes.)

It is all maintained in top quality, secure, safe, reliable data centres.

And, as a charity (or non profit), you may well qualify for 10 user licences for free. (Check out the Salesforce Foundation.)

What is not to like? (This has only just scratched the surface of what Salesforce can do.)

No wonder Salesforce is now a top database for charities. Easy, reliable, intuitive.

What is there left to do? Tailor it so it perfectly fits your organisation’s needs. Cloud Genius are experts not only in Salesforce, but also customisations that are specific to charities. We will also provide training on your bespoke environment. Click on the Salesforce logo to request more information.

What is not to love?

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