CryptoLocker – the most dangerous malware yet?

Written by John Dray (CEO)

23rd December 2013

Imagine losing all of your files… and all of your backups… and not being able to do a thing to get them back unless you pay a ransom.

That is what CryptoLocker does. You may pick it up from an email attachment or from a spurious ‘downloading’ site. It hides on your computer encrypting everything… but letting you access it seamlessly. Finally, it completes encrypting everything and it tells you that you have 72 hours to pay up.

If you do not pay up in time, the decryption key will be deleted and your files will be irretrievable.

Better than that, while your backups were connected it did the same thing to them… and your Dropbox account… and any new files you try to save.

72 hours to pay up or your business goes fizzle.

It doesn’t need you to be logged in as administrator.

It cannot be detected by anti-malware software.

Time for some good practices – no downloading from ‘download’ sites. No opening of email attachments unless you are sure of the identity of the sender. (You may want to institute digital signatures for your email, to guarantee that you are getting emails from who you think you are. We can assist you with that, but really we wanted you to know of this SERIOUS threat.)

Read more about it at:

I was terrified. You should be too.

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