Happy New Year

Written by John Dray (CEO)

28th December 2013

For some reason (and believe me, I am not complaining) business has been brisker than usual over December. It seems to be that it is a time when people start thinking about the New Year and new beginnings. So, just before Christmas, a friend of mine set me a challenge. “I have a bit of a blog on blogspot.co.uk (Blogger) and I would like it on my new WordPress website.”

[ss_screenshot width=’300′ site=’https://saintlaika.com’]Challenge 1 was the more than 6000 posts. (He and his community has really used his blog.) Now, I could see how to import the items, using WordPress’s import facility but then he said, Challenge 2 ‘…and I need the old blog forwarded to the new one.’

I did say that I would have to look into it. That is not necessarily what I was thinking, but…

Fortunately, there is a BRILLIANT plug-in for that from rtcamp.com.

Not only did this allow the forwarding of his old blog to the new website, but it mapped all the articles on the old site to the new one!

So, if you were to click on:


You would end up at:


The exact right article on the new blog.

So do not fear that you are trapped into your old Blogspot account – it can easily be moved to a shiny new WordPress website. I even managed to import 6000+ posts and 40,000+ comments. (His site has had over 3,000,000 hits!)

What did you do over Christmas?

Whatever you did, have a Happy New Year.

NB Sequences explained in this article do take longer in real life 😉

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