Website Hosting – HUGE Upgrade and cPanel

Written by John Dray (CEO)

28th March 2014

We are very pleased to offer high-speed, reliable hosting… but you wanted more. Our customers were telling us that they wanted cPanel.

cPanel is a ‘control panel’ that lets you set up all the features of your website hosting and email. It is used but a lot of hosting companies. We have it with the added twist of an improved user interface. (For those of you familiar with cPanel, it used to be a trip back to the 1990’s.)

This is available now, for less than £2.50 per month for our basic package (which is more than enough for most websites). If you are a multi-site guru, you might want our deluxe package, which starts at less than £4.40 per month.

These even include email.

To get them, before they appear on our main web host site, just go to: and choose the required hosting in the right-hand panel. (If you are on a mobile device, the hosting may be below the main content of the page.)

Once they appear on our main page, we will have to put the price up, so get in now!

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