Here are some further examples of our work. These websites were set up carefully and full consultation with the owners – in one, emergency case in under a day – along with associated email accounts. The owners are now happily keeping the content up-to-date. In order to ensure maximum performance and security many of our clients make use of our ‘Safe and Secure Websites’ scheme to ensure that all the latest security updates are applied and the website are regularly backed up.

Finchley Reform Synagogue

In this case, we had to reproduce very closely the existing website, based on a bespoke Content Management System (CMS), on an open source CMS. We are specialists in WordPress, so this was an example to show what the (former blogging platform) could do. The move, forced by the former hosting company giving up support on the bespoke CMS, has had a profound effect. Not only is the new site full of the same functionality as the old site (in some cases improved). The new hosting and support costs significantly less. The newly hosted website is a stepping-stone to a fully responsive mobile site. Of special note are the calendaring facilities and the delivery, through a third party, of live video of services.

Gower Plant

This will contain information about the Gower Plant website.

Chris the Dogman

This will contain information about the Chris the Dogman website.

24 Carrot Promotions

This will contain information about the 24 Carrot Promotions website.

Farmyard Nurseries

This will contain information about the Farmyard Nurseries website.

Voluntary Services Lewisham

This will contain information about the Voluntary Services Lewisham website.

5 Star

This will contain information about the 5 Star website.
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