A Website, but so much more!

Our latest project has been something of a challenge. 

A branded website…

That is also a business directory…

That also has local business and community events…

Oh, and can you give it the capability to be bi-lingual.

We need it in less than a month.

So, how did we do that?

Well we base all our websites on WordPress – this gives us a very stable base to build upon. It also means that (unlike bespoke coding) security concerns can be addressed quickly. Developers of extensions have millions of users demanding the security updates!

We have built that with business directory, calendaring and translation using tried and tested tools. We have used local talent for the branding and design and yes, it is even mobile friendly, good for search engines and is already well embedded in the Google index!

Bet you are wanting to see it now! It is at https://cmb.wales

Already lots of businesses have signed up. Community calendar events are free!

Cudos to Diana and the team at Ailgynnau consulting for commissioning us for this project.

There is still work to be done, as not all the Welsh translations are in, but when they are we can apply them to the website.


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