Top 7 GDPR myths and a few truths

Here are 7 GDPR myths (General Data Protection Regulation) or ’new Data Protection Act’. We hope this is of some help:

1) It only applies to computers. No, it all applies to all records containing personal data, including those stored on scraps of paper and written in quill pen.

2) You can buy a piece of software that will make you compliant. No! It is more about you knowing how you hold and process data and how you have other people hold and process your data. In other words, it is about you having policies.

For instance,

  • How long do you retain a client’s information after they become an ex-client?
  • How do you ensure that data is fully deleted if a client requests it?
  • How do you gather data together is a client requests a portable, electronic copy of the data you hold on them? (and they are entitled to this.)
  • and many more.

3) It will cease to apply after we leave the EU. Wrong! we are committed to upholding the GDPR after we leave.

4) It only applies to large companies. Wrong! It applied to all companies.

5) It only applies to the ‘owner’ of the data. No! This regulation applies to data processors as well.

6) You can continue to direct market to your potential customers. Do you have their informed permission? Was it given within a reasonable time?

7) If your company holds Cyber Essentials Plus certification you are covered. No! Read all the above again.

Here are the promised truths.

Yes, the top fine is €20M or 4% of global annual turnover, whichever is greater!

Yes, you do have to report all data breaches within 72 hours.

We are running a masterclass on Wednesday 22nd November. This will help you sort out the fact from the fiction.

See you at the masterclass to get it all sorted.


A Website, but so much more!

Our latest project has been something of a challenge. 

A branded website…

That is also a business directory…

That also has local business and community events…

Oh, and can you give it the capability to be bi-lingual.

We need it in less than a month.

So, how did we do that?

Well we base all our websites on WordPress – this gives us a very stable base to build upon. It also means that (unlike bespoke coding) security concerns can be addressed quickly. Developers of extensions have millions of users demanding the security updates!

We have built that with business directory, calendaring and translation using tried and tested tools. We have used local talent for the branding and design and yes, it is even mobile friendly, good for search engines and is already well embedded in the Google index!

Bet you are wanting to see it now! It is at

Already lots of businesses have signed up. Community calendar events are free!

Cudos to Diana and the team at Ailgynnau consulting for commissioning us for this project.

There is still work to be done, as not all the Welsh translations are in, but when they are we can apply them to the website.


Changing mobile menus to full in Divi on Tablets

We use the Divi theme on many of our websites. This is a powerful WordPress theme. Sometimes you want to use the full menu on tablets in Divi instead of the mobile menu. For instance, on a mobile you get: Home_-_M_and_S_Window_Cleaning_Ltd Whereas on a desktop you get the full menu: Home_-_M_and_S_Window_Cleaning_Ltd The way the Divi theme works is that on TABLETS (e.g. iPad) you get the mobile menu. This might not be what you want. Jake, our wizard developer, came up with this bit of code that puts the full menu onto tablets:
You will need to insert the following code into the CSS of the page. (This code needs to go above any other code that targets certain sized screens) /*Tablet Menu Shown*/ @media only screen and ( max-width:980px ) and ( min-width:500px ){ #top-menu-nav { display:block !important; margin-bottom:20px; margin-top:6px } #top-menu { display:block !important; } #et_mobile_nav_menu { display:none !important; } .et-fixed-header #top-menu-nav { margin-bottom:0; } /* set the width, and right align */ #top-menu-nav { max-width: 980px; right: 0; left:auto; } }
So now you know. If you need assistance putting this on your Divi-powered WordPress website, then give us a call!
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