Work Undertaken

The work I undertake falls into two main categories:

1) Websites and associated email setup.

  • You need a name for the website (e.g. This is the domain name.
  • Somewhere to store it. This is called ‘hosting’.
  • Something to keep everything organised and easy to update. This is called a content management system (CMS). (You do not strictly need this, but an appropriate analogy is that people used to take their carpets outside to beat them before the invention of the vacuum cleaner.)

My service includes setting all this up. I do not do all the artwork, or the content – you would have to provide that.

I can set up Google Apps to act as your email and calendaring solution. This will give you email addresses which end, giving a clearly professional appearance.

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2) Salesforce consultancy

My expertise is setting this up for charities. Through their ‘power of us’ strategy, offer free licenses to charities and non-profit organisations of up-to 10 users. I hold an ADM201 qualification and have close knowledge of their Non Profit Starter Pack solution. This can greatly help charities keep track of donors (and increase donations), keep track of their volunteers (and clearances such as CRB checks/driving licenses), and everything that a charity might need a database for.

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