Here we solve the problems of charities and not for profit organisations. We understand the difficulties of keeping track of donors and donations. We understand that you want your volunteers at the coal face and not dealing with admin. Working with Salesforce allows you:

  • keep track of your donations, contact and opportunities.
  • easily collaborate within your organisation and with your partners
  • manage campaigns
Salesforce can deal with just a few of these aspects, but it has most impact when it is configured as the information hub of your organisation. Salesforce brings these advantages for your organisation:
  • There are no servers to look after, so you save on having a ‘server room’ and the air conditioning and other expenses that goes with them.
  • The system is accessible from any device with a web browser and internet access.
  • The system has proven security that top businesses rely on.
  • All upgrades of the system are taken care of by Salesforce with their three-times yearly upgrades. Typically these result in 5 minutes of down time.
  • No IT staff to hire and pay.
  • A simple, intuitive interface.

This leaves you with more money to pursue the aims of your organisation. At Cloud Genius, we help configure the system for your needs and train your staff to use the new system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=r6hxqg3PgRQ More InformationRequest more information

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