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The Weather is HOT. Our servers are faster than ever.

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Our servers are faster than ever.

I would have said that our servers are HOT, too… but that would have given the wrong impression.

Our partner’s website hosting servers are going through an ongoing programme of replacement. They are now faster than ever before.

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Security is our concern

I could not help but have a chuckle when I saw this article: Kremlin to revert to typewriters. Even the secret services are having difficulty keeping their information to themselves. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/10173645/Kremlin-returns-to-typewriters-to-avoid-computer-leaks.html

To my mind this means that security is not an absolute, but a best effort. Reassuring then, that we use Salesforce, which is regularly audited as secure enough to hold credit card details (in properly designed apps). That I have been trained in security and hold a CompTIA Security+ qualification. In my past I have designed and set up security for financial transactions for boutique banks, private equity companies and hedge funds. We always use strong passwords and store the gateways to our clients’ worlds in securely encrypted stores with two factor authentication. If our computers are stolen, the hard disks are fully encrypted – inaccessible without the correct password. They will be automatically wiped the moment they re-connect to the internet.

Do criminals go after hard targets or easy ones?

What security do your IT companies use? I have seen scary cases where clients’ passwords were stored in unencrypted spreadsheets and databases!

We keep our clients secure, they sleep at night and do great business in the day.

It’s not just what’s on the outside that counts!

Yesterday, yes Sunday, a client asked me for a new website. They are selling a property in Krakow and need to do it quickly. How could they do it quickly and easily?

Well, I created for them a beautiful, temporary website: http://apartmentkrakow.cloud-genius.com

Nice website, but what’s so special about that?

The important aspect of this website is that people find it. This website has special Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on every page. This means that search engines, such as Google, do not just make up a summary of each page, but have been told how to summarise. The website has been deliberately submitted to search engines to ensure the earliest possible indexing. There are also full analytics and it has been submitted to Google AdWords.

The website has been laid out to help the visitor. On every page is the ‘call to action’ (‘to buy this property, go here’).

There are email addresses on the pages. They have been encrypted so that humans can click to email, but spam-generating engines cannot read them.

The pages are optimised so that to the search engine the important content comes first, but to the human every thing is in the order that suits them.

The news of the sale has to be got out there quickly – all the pages have links to social media. Any new articles are automatically publicised.

Finally, most website viewing is on mobile devices. This website automatically generates a version for mobile devices. (It is a ‘responsive’ website.)

So, it looks beautiful, it is totally functional AND it was only commissioned yesterday. The beauty of this website is more than skin-deep. Do you want the same, five-star treatment?

[Yes, they could have had their own domain, but chose not to :-)]