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Remote Support

Remote support: It’s like magic the first time you see it. An IT support person takes over your computer and starts moving your cursor around your screen, even though they are in a different continent.

Here at Cloud Genius we have been comparing different solutions. Finally, we have picked a winner. We have to support people using Macs, PCs and Linux. The product we have chosen does all this admirably. (One of the contenders was particularly bad on Mac to Mac connections.)


  • It is good with all sorts of computer to computer connection.
  • It allows computer to computer audio without the use of the phone or Skype.
  • Very fast connection times

On every other feature it seemed to be equal or better than all the rivals. All the connections are encrypted with state of the art encryption. The client can end the ‘call’ at any time. If necessary roles can be reversed to show the support technician’s screen.

It even does video/audio/screen conferencing!

Anyway, you need concern yourself no further – just know that you will get the best remote support from Cloud Genius.


The winner? TeamViewer.com


Out with the Old (Salesforce Menu)

Where did you stick all the new stuff?

One of the (many) fantastic things about Salesforce is its amazing pace of development. It is one of the reasons why consultants, admins, etc are subjected to exams three times a year. Some of the changes are new features, others are refinements of existing features. Amazingly, well due to good planning and design, Salesforce manages to introduce these features without down time and without breaking existing customisation. BUT, and its a big but, all of these features have to go into the menu. For some time, the existing menu has been creaking with new features. Many items are in the locations they are, because it made sense when they were developed. It is time for a change!

In Summer 2013 Salesforce introduced a new menu. As with all their new features, it is not forced on you, you just have to switch it on when you are ready. New Orgs have the new menu ‘on’ by default, so it is time to get used to it.

Here, for admins, is a great guide to switching on the menu and, even better, a chart showing you where to find all the old items. (We may have hated the old menu, but we knew where everything was!)

New Salesforce Menu Guide