WordPress E-Commerce to Woo Commerce

If you have an e-Commerce website, there is a high probability that you are using either WordPress e-Commerce or Woo Commerce. In recent months, e-Commerce seems to be losing support from plug-in writers. Added to that, Woo Commerce is being bought out by Automaticc (who? the people behind WordPress).

So, it seems to be a pretty good time to move from WPeC to Woo. If you have tried any of the converters, you will probably find that they don’t quite work. Not much good if you are trying to keep your site live AND move platform.

Cloud Genius has a solution – with our expertise in Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) we use some of the best tools around, with a little magic of our own to help you make the conversion.

Talk to us about converting your site today.

Dyn to End its Free Service

Many of you who have grown up with the internet will be aware of the DynDNS service.

This allowed you to host services from home and get to them with a website address that ended .dyndns.com (or one of a variety of other endings). Mine was jd10k.dyndns.com.

Very soon it will be no more. Dyn want you to subscribe to their ‘Pro’ service, at $25 per year! (There is a temporary, discount.)

There are other options. A similar free service is provided by no-ip for free!

But perhaps you were hosting your email and/or website from home (not the best idea), in that case you might want to check out our low-priced email and web services on WebHost. You may want to add a personal domain name to that, too. You can do all that and still save on the price of the Dyn offering (and a personal domain name will look far more professional).

Anyway, there are lots of better options that signing up for Dyn’s service. Good luck!

Time for a change.

Transferring your Website

Are you fed up with the hosting of your current provider?

The bad news

In the ‘old’ days, transferring a website  used to be a matter of copying files to your new hosting. Updating the interweb (OK techies, re-pointing the DNS and possibly transferring the domain registration) and away you would go.

These days things are not so easy. There is usually a database to transfer. More often than not it will need some sort of alteration. If this is done badly, it will corrupt your database. I have used a number of utilities that are supposed to do this automatically, but often they either do not make all the changes necessary or they break the database or (in some cases worse) they send out notifications to all your subscribers about all your historic posts!

The good news

I can do these transitions for you remarkably quickly, as long as you have all the various usernames and passwords. Even if you don’t (for instance, your existing provider does not want you to have all the passwords), I can often help you gain access and do the transfer for you. This may take a bit longer. I pride myself in doing this with minimal (a few minutes) or zero downtime.

I love WordPress for my clients, but can transfer a number of other content management systems (e.g. Joomla!, Drupal.)

Once you are with us, we will give you all the passwords, etc. that you need in order to transfer away from Cloud Genius. Strangely that does not often seem to happen. We do not believe in chaining you to us. We want you to be free to leave but happy to stay.

See you soon!


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