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Website Hosting – HUGE Upgrade and cPanel

We are very pleased to offer high-speed, reliable hosting… but you wanted more. Our customers were telling us that they wanted cPanel.

cPanel is a ‘control panel’ that lets you set up all the features of your website hosting and email. It is used but a lot of hosting companies. We have it with the added twist of an improved user interface. (For those of you familiar with cPanel, it used to be a trip back to the 1990’s.)

This is available now, for less than £2.50 per month for our basic package (which is more than enough for most websites). If you are a multi-site guru, you might want our deluxe package, which starts at less than £4.40 per month.

These even include email.

To get them, before they appear on our main web host site, just go to: https://cloud-genius.com/website-hosting/ and choose the required hosting in the right-hand panel. (If you are on a mobile device, the hosting may be below the main content of the page.)

Once they appear on our main page, we will have to put the price up, so get in now!

Eventbrite to Salesforce made Easy in Bulk

Lots of firms and charities use Eventbrite for their events and Salesforce for their customer relationship management.

Makes sense – Eventbrite makes it really easy to set up, advertise and sell your events. Once people turn up, there are lots of easy, quick, simple ways to sign people in.

Salesforce is the number one CRM system for keeping track of your donors, customers or anyone else who engages with your system.

You want to know how to import your Eventbrite data into your Salesforce. Easy, there is a free tool that will import your events one by one! To update your events you have to run it against each of your events – one by one. THERE MUST BE AN EASIER WAY!

There is!

The Cloud Genius connector will scan all your Eventbrite events and use the data to update your campaign members. If the people do not exist in your database you have the choice to either have them created as Leads or Contacts (with an associated account, too).

It does all your jobs in one hit, can run regularly throughout the day and is really economical in terms of API calls.

Better than that it uses advanced data cleansing techniques to reduce the amount of dud data brought into your Salesforce environment. (You can even set a list of account names to be ignored.) It also works with the Non Profit Starter Pack installed.

For more information, just contact us.

1 Simple way to keep in touch with prospects

As a child I came across the saying: Fire is a good servant but a poor master.

I think that saying rings true even more of computers.

Most people seem to be slave to their computers, rather than getting the computers to do the work.

An auto-responder is a great way to put computers to work. As any good person in marketing knows, you have to keep in contact with your ‘prospects’. People rarely buy from you the first time they talk to you. I know marketing gurus who have fantastic systems of sending out emails one after the other, ‘warming’ up the prospect ready for the ‘sales chat’. They reckon that six is the magic number of contacts.

Imagine the computer could do that for you. It is a process, so perfect for automation.

The person signs up to a list. They get a sequence of emails, starting from that day, that address their particular need. If they respond to an email, it comes to you, so you can deal with them personally.

With a bit of creativity you can use this as a service to them. Imagine they want a reminder to do something every day for a week. You can set up a series of emails that go out on the seven days following their sign-up. You check ‘the system’, in this case aWeber to see how far they are through the sequence.

Supposing that on day 3 they make a purchase. The sequence is no longer valid for them. You can make it so that when they sign up for your product they are automatically taken off the old list.

You have an event comes up. You want to send an email to all your lists. You want do avoid duplicates where people are on more than one list. No problem… or you want to send to all people on a particular list UNLESS they have already made a purchase. Easy!

You want emails to go down on particular days before an event, reminding people to book. Simple!

You want to integrate this data into your Salesforce leads. There is a free app for that!

Suddenly you have a lot more time for following up those personal contacts. The rest is on ‘auto’.

For more information about any of this, just contact me!