WordPress E-Commerce to Woo Commerce

If you have an e-Commerce website, there is a high probability that you are using either WordPress e-Commerce or Woo Commerce. In recent months, e-Commerce seems to be losing support from plug-in writers. Added to that, Woo Commerce is being bought out by Automaticc (who? the people behind WordPress).

So, it seems to be a pretty good time to move from WPeC to Woo. If you have tried any of the converters, you will probably find that they don’t quite work. Not much good if you are trying to keep your site live AND move platform.

Cloud Genius has a solution – with our expertise in Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) we use some of the best tools around, with a little magic of our own to help you make the conversion.

Talk to us about converting your site today.

An easier way to buy domain names (and hosting and…)

Here at Cloud Genius we are always trying to make things easier for our customers, clients, friends, selves to buy domain names.

A number of our folk were having difficulty remembering where to buy domain names (and other web stuff) at the best price, so we have purchased a new domain to make things easier.

Old location: webhost.cloud-genius.com

New location: cloudgenius.domains

It’s easier, shorter and there is only one dot.

Tell us what you think? Better? No change? Worse? or constructive comments. We want to know 🙂

Forgot to say, we have now changed the default currency to pounds sterling (GBP). You may have to change the currency (top right) one last time. You should also be billed in GBP now, too.


Happy New Year

For some reason (and believe me, I am not complaining) business has been brisker than usual over December. It seems to be that it is a time when people start thinking about the New Year and new beginnings. So, just before Christmas, a friend of mine set me a challenge. “I have a bit of a blog on blogspot.co.uk (Blogger) and I would like it on my new WordPress website.”

[ss_screenshot width=’300′ site=’https://saintlaika.com’]Challenge 1 was the more than 6000 posts. (He and his community has really used his blog.) Now, I could see how to import the items, using WordPress’s import facility but then he said, Challenge 2 ‘…and I need the old blog forwarded to the new one.’

I did say that I would have to look into it. That is not necessarily what I was thinking, but…

Fortunately, there is a BRILLIANT plug-in for that from rtcamp.com.

Not only did this allow the forwarding of his old blog to the new website, but it mapped all the articles on the old site to the new one!

So, if you were to click on:


You would end up at:


The exact right article on the new blog.

So do not fear that you are trapped into your old Blogspot account – it can easily be moved to a shiny new WordPress website. I even managed to import 6000+ posts and 40,000+ comments. (His site has had over 3,000,000 hits!)

What did you do over Christmas?

Whatever you did, have a Happy New Year.

NB Sequences explained in this article do take longer in real life 😉

DIY WordPress Websites – Free Guide

Dear reader,

I recognise that not everyone wants to sign up with our website services straight away.

Perhaps you want a free WordPress.com website and do it all yourself – to get going and try it out.

I have been writing a guide to help you do this.

The guide is completely free of charge. Just click the Download button.


This guide will get you started using WordPress on WordPress.com.

With WordPress.com you will notice certain limitations. For instance, you cannot add new plug-ins. (These are extras for your website that add  functionality, like contact gathering, search engine optimisation enhancements, conversion of your WordPress site into a membership site, etc). Where these functions are present in WordPress, they tend to be less powerful than third-party versions. You are stuck with what WordPress lets you have (which, to be fair is pretty awesome).

With our WordPress sites hosted on our high-performance servers you get a lot more flexibility. The other thing you will find is that when you start paying for WordPress.com’s paid-for extras the costs start mounting up, quickly. So, when you are ready to upgrade to our servers, just contact us. We can transfer your pages and posts from your WordPress.com site, put it on a personalised domain. (Compare our cost for a domain name of around £6 per year to WordPress.com’s)

Most important thing is that you get started and Happy Web Publishing!




PS This guide is a work in progress – as WordPress evolves the guide will need to evolve. You may feel that I have missed out something. Just email me at info@cloud-genius.com (click on the link) and I will get back to you. Your suggestion will help shape newer versions of the guide.

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