WordPress is a great Content Management system for setting up a website:

  • It is easy to use
  • It has great support
  • There are loads of (mainly free) plugins to enhance your website

The downside is the faff of keeping all those components up-to-date.

What about if your website is hacked… when was your last backup?
With all those plug-ins, how do you make sure they are on the latest versions?
It all makes for more work for you and is the basics of website security.
That is where we can help.

We offer a service that will back up both your WordPress files and the database. Better than that we can keep up to 6 months of backups. If your website has been hacked we can put back the version that you required.

Daily backups of your website is £25 pcm. Included in this price is the restoration of backups to your webhosting.

Safe and Secure Websites: Daily backups AND plug-in updates for the amazing price of £35 pcm. This even comes with 1 support call/up to 30 minutes support in any month. (Ever had a question about using WordPress that you really wanted answered?)

Safe and Secure Websites

Minimum contract term is two months. After that you can cancel with just one month’s notice. The easiest way to keep your site Safe and Secure. That’s why we call it Safe and Secure websites.

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