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Cloud Genius Domains are moving – but staying in the same place

As many of you know, Cloud Genius is a reseller for one of the largest domain registries in the world. So, we can offer you even better prices than they can.

As part of their security & utility upgrade, the infrastructure of our website is moving.

You can still get you domains and other web services at webhost.cloud-genius.com but there is an outside possibility that you may experience some disruption. If that is the case, let us know – the contact details are on every page of our website.

Easier is to use the widget tool (see right if you are on a desktop, below if you are on a mobile).


Search for Domain

An easier way to buy domain names (and hosting and…)

Here at Cloud Genius we are always trying to make things easier for our customers, clients, friends, selves to buy domain names.

A number of our folk were having difficulty remembering where to buy domain names (and other web stuff) at the best price, so we have purchased a new domain to make things easier.

Old location: webhost.cloud-genius.com

New location: cloudgenius.domains

It’s easier, shorter and there is only one dot.

Tell us what you think? Better? No change? Worse? or constructive comments. We want to know 🙂

Forgot to say, we have now changed the default currency to pounds sterling (GBP). You may have to change the currency (top right) one last time. You should also be billed in GBP now, too.


Heartbleed and Cloud Genius – should I worry?

heartbleedSome of you may have heard about a massive flaw in the security of the internet.

This is really serious and everyone should be aware of the implications.

Heartbleed is the sort of flaw that gives systems admins huge nightmares.

On vulnerable websites there is a significant possibility that your passwords have been revealed to hackers making use of the bug. Worse than that, if a site has been compromised there is no evidence!

It would be good practice to change all the passwords you use on the internet. Now.

…unless you have evidence that the services you use are not part of the problem.

At Cloud Genius, we have performed a full review of the services we use.

  1. Services to back up websites/update plug-ins. For clients that subscribe to this services one was not vulnerable, the other service has been secured and we have taken steps necessary to prevent any problems. No action required on your part.
  2. Website hosting – our provider has informed us that they are vulnerable. Until they update all their systems you may wish to change the password on your account at http://webhost.cloud-genius.com. Once their patching process is complete you should change your password again on the account. We will endeavour to let you know when this is.
  3. Paypal – our understanding is that Paypal is not affected.
  4. Teamviewer – our remote control solution of choice is not affected.
  5. Salesforce – To the best of our knowledge is not affected.
  6. LastPass – our password management software of choice is not affected. (And helped a lot in fixing services that were affected.)

Here is a list of other networks that were affected – these include people like Google, Yahoo and many others.


This is really serious. Make sure you are not caught out!

One positive – LastPass was able to scan all the services we use, list the affected services and make password changing a doodle! Highly recommended… and much more secure than any other system we have come across.

Dyn to End its Free Service

Many of you who have grown up with the internet will be aware of the DynDNS service.

This allowed you to host services from home and get to them with a website address that ended .dyndns.com (or one of a variety of other endings). Mine was jd10k.dyndns.com.

Very soon it will be no more. Dyn want you to subscribe to their ‘Pro’ service, at $25 per year! (There is a temporary, discount.)

There are other options. A similar free service is provided by no-ip for free!

But perhaps you were hosting your email and/or website from home (not the best idea), in that case you might want to check out our low-priced email and web services on WebHost. You may want to add a personal domain name to that, too. You can do all that and still save on the price of the Dyn offering (and a personal domain name will look far more professional).

Anyway, there are lots of better options that signing up for Dyn’s service. Good luck!

Time for a change.

Website Hosting – HUGE Upgrade and cPanel

We are very pleased to offer high-speed, reliable hosting… but you wanted more. Our customers were telling us that they wanted cPanel.

cPanel is a ‘control panel’ that lets you set up all the features of your website hosting and email. It is used but a lot of hosting companies. We have it with the added twist of an improved user interface. (For those of you familiar with cPanel, it used to be a trip back to the 1990’s.)

This is available now, for less than £2.50 per month for our basic package (which is more than enough for most websites). If you are a multi-site guru, you might want our deluxe package, which starts at less than £4.40 per month.

These even include email.

To get them, before they appear on our main web host site, just go to: https://cloud-genius.com/website-hosting/ and choose the required hosting in the right-hand panel. (If you are on a mobile device, the hosting may be below the main content of the page.)

Once they appear on our main page, we will have to put the price up, so get in now!

Happy New Year

For some reason (and believe me, I am not complaining) business has been brisker than usual over December. It seems to be that it is a time when people start thinking about the New Year and new beginnings. So, just before Christmas, a friend of mine set me a challenge. “I have a bit of a blog on blogspot.co.uk (Blogger) and I would like it on my new WordPress website.”

http://saintlaika.comChallenge 1 was the more than 6000 posts. (He and his community has really used his blog.) Now, I could see how to import the items, using WordPress’s import facility but then he said, Challenge 2 ‘…and I need the old blog forwarded to the new one.’

I did say that I would have to look into it. That is not necessarily what I was thinking, but…

Fortunately, there is a BRILLIANT plug-in for that from rtcamp.com.

Not only did this allow the forwarding of his old blog to the new website, but it mapped all the articles on the old site to the new one!

So, if you were to click on:


You would end up at:


The exact right article on the new blog.

So do not fear that you are trapped into your old Blogspot account – it can easily be moved to a shiny new WordPress website. I even managed to import 6000+ posts and 40,000+ comments. (His site has had over 3,000,000 hits!)

What did you do over Christmas?

Whatever you did, have a Happy New Year.

NB Sequences explained in this article do take longer in real life 😉